The World is Flat

I have irrefutable evidence that the world is flat. Hundreds of scientists have reviewed my statement, and found that, amazingly, it is correct. The world may appear spherical, but the evidence proves, that it is actually flat. The world is flat.

What do you have to say about that?

Chances are you would argue heavily against my statement that the world is flat. Even if the evidence I had presented was incredibly convincing and verified by hundreds of scientific sources, I sincerely doubt you would even consider the idea that the world is flat. Of course, it isn’t flat, but if you’ll continue with me I will get to my point.

Now, lets say, you have a time machine. You travel back a thousand years. Now, try to tell those people that the world is round. That you have irrefutable evidence from hundreds of scientists that prove that the world is spherical. Can you do it?

Now such fundamental issues as the curvature of the planet are usually thought as pretty obvious. However, many of the beliefs we have about reality and life, are not nearly so fundamental. These issues are wildly subjective and, worse yet, they control a much larger experience of our life.

People don’t like to think they are wrong. This eventually leads to people defending an incorrect belief or assertion, because they don’t want to admit they were wrong.

Why do you have to be right? You had made a previous belief or assertion out of an analysis of a situation. There is nothing wrong with changing that assertion when new evidence is presented. You understand that everything is just an approximation anyways, so what is the harm in being wrong.

Imagine I have three cards on a table, face down. One of them is a joker. If you guess that the left card has the joker and I flip over the middle one to reveal a joker, would you feel bad admitting you were wrong? Of course not. You made a guess with the best information you had at the time. You couldn’t have done any better.

This is just like life. We make the best assertions or beliefs we can at the time. When new evidence comes, we can change that belief without feeling bad because, we didn’t have this original evidence when creating the belief in the first place.

But changing beliefs when something comes to directly confront them is too slow. By the time you’ve done that, chances are this belief has already caused damage by being inaccurate.

So our goal must be to gather evidence that contradicts our beliefs. This evidence will allow us to make modifications to our belief or remove it entirely.

As a good example, I recently read the book Goal Free Living by Stephen Shapiro. This is despite the fact that I am working on an eight month project to teach goal-setting, and I use goals heavily in my own life.

By reading this book however, I learned a lot of valuable insights that I could use to improve how I set goals to avoid some of the pitfalls described in the book. While reading a book about goal setting would have been helpful, I think I learned a lot more from a book that disagreed with me.

The key is to separate yourself from your beliefs. If you feel really attached to being right or wrong, then you will likely hold on way to long to false beliefs. Realize that you aren’t any less for being wrong and you certainly aren’t any more for being correct.

Don’t worry though, I don’t think you are going to walk off the edge of the world any time soon. 😉

  • max night

    people dont want to be wrong because it creates embarrassment, and worse yet, destroys credibility. For years and years the catholic church dicredited any scientific evidence that would challenge their overall beliefs, because then the people in power had money, wealth, and loyal followers to their bidding. Even today, many fundamental christians refute the idea of Darwins theory that only the animals that survive will carry on and change and adapt to fit the environment they are in. I believe that God created the earth not in six days and not everything the way it is. Perhaps science itself is the understanding of what God created on this earth and decided to let some sort of creature rule it with the freedom to believe or not or desrtoy or create more on this planet. There are many unexplained events and experiences on this earth that He wants kept a mystery.

  • William

    So did you actually have any evidence at all? Or were you just trying to say we don’t want to be wrong. As far as I saw, you had no evidence at all and your goal was to make us think that we’re wrong without even doing shit to make us think so. And if you believe this yourself, you truly do make me laugh.

  • William

    P.S. Not a real e-mail adress, I’d never give mine away to this place.

  • Scott Young


    The post wasn’t about the geometry of Earth, but a metaphor for how much certainty you place on your beliefs.

  • max night

    Thanks for your defense, Scott. For truly hatred and ignorance are the undermining qualities of the part of the world setting itself towards peace. And for the record, I was talking about the time of Galileo. Its quite surprising that the catholic church would silence a man whose ideas are scientific fact today.

  • Riccaila

    I must say that I agree with you o the fat that we don’t like being proved wrong. Even you and me. But I am different I will always admit when I was or am wrong. This article is more than what meets the eye!! I think that is not even about the earth being flat you just used that to get people to read it because it is a hot topic. If I am wrong please tell me, but I think that you have a lot of anger towards something that you don’t even see when you look in the mirror. There is always more than what meets the eye. You made a comment about time travel, well why don’t you look about 3 years in your life…anything changes? What about 5 years? And what about in the next 10 years where do you want to be. Do you want to be some person on the internet that no one ever talks to, or do you want to be someone amazing. 3 years ago you could have a million things that you don’t believe now, and in 10 years , you might not even remember this or agree with what you believe in. But that is what is so amazing in being human, we all get to make our own decisions, I am not telling you what to believe but I just wanted to tell you that…..thank you


  • Mehul Patel

    I have one doubt.. if world is flat than why Japan’s earthquake affect U.S.A??

  • jonathan

    So Scott, are you saying that the Earth is flat, and that you believe the Earth is flat, or are you telling us not to base too heavily our current knowledge? By the way, your first paragraph is very repetitious.