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Friday Links 07-06-15

From the Web

Personal Development Ideas – My friend Gleb has been writing here for awhile now, so it’s a shame I’ve taken so long to get to him in Friday Links. There are less posts here, but some gems when he does.

The Optimized Life – Another recent find, I got to Kim’s blog after seeing her regular lifehack column. Good posts from a fellow productivity junkie.

Cognitive Daily – I always find the science of psychology to be fascinating. Here’s a good blog about cognitive psychology that I’ve been reading.

From the Archives

Energy Management – Still up in the popular posts section but I think it deserves a nod here as well.

From the Shelf

Man’s Search for Meaning – I’m halfway through this incredible book, which is both tragic and inspiring. Surviving the horrors of the concentration camps, Frankl comes out with meaning in life. I was expecting more emotional inspiration than practical ideas from this book, but I’ve still managed to come across a few usable ideas.

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2 Responses to “Friday Links 07-06-15”

  1. Martin says:

    You have a great site going Scott. Keep it up.

    I’m also reading Man’s Search for Meaning right now. It’s a great book. It’s a completely different take on the whole genre.

  2. Scott Young says:


    I agree. I’ve read similar books before, but Frankl’s experiences make it far more vivid than many other authors can.

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