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Friday Links 07-11-23

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Ten Minutes to a Better Tomorrow – Daily reviews.

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Fight Club – You’ve probably seen or heard of the movie Fight Club, this is the book. It follows the story of the unnamed narrator and his friend, the dominant and charismatic, Tyler Durden. The two start a fight club as a means to create a new masculine identity and find peace within an increasingly consumer based society. The book was very similar to the movie, and struck upon the same themes. Best of all it’s a short novel that is fast paced.

There are obvious flaws in the philosophy of Fight Club (and things don’t turn out too well for the characters, either). However, I enjoy reading about different perspectives on living as it forms the mozaic of my own viewpoint.

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2 Responses to “Friday Links 07-11-23”

  1. What are the flaws in Fight Club?

  2. Scott Young says:

    As a book none. As a philosophy, perhaps it’s best to avoid cults that end up blowing up buildings.

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