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Friday Links 08-03-14

From the Web

Action is Overrated – Cal Newport discusses the importance of not just doing a lot of work, but doing a lot of work in an opportunity that will pay off. I previously wrote a similar idea about the myth of effort.

How to Get a Life – Another great entry over at 30sleeps. My favorite part of his advice is that you need to appreciate solitude in order to improve your social life. One of the biggest steps in improving my own social life was learning to enjoy isolation.

From the Archives

Solve Tough Problems by Using Lenses – An article I wrote last year about the benefits of changing your perspective to solve tough problems.

Still working through The Wealth of Nations, so no new books to be added this week.

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6 Responses to “Friday Links 08-03-14”

  1. Ravenwood says:

    Hey man, have you considered using Lulu or something similar to have your e-books published in dead tree format? I am reluctant to buy digital books, since I like to have stuff in my shelf…

  2. Scott Young says:


    It’s on my to-do list.

    Converting the e-books to “dead tree” format, take time because I opted for a widescreen, colorful format for most of my e-books. It would take some editing to get them transferred to a hard-copy version.

    Whether I get to a paper copy with my current e-books, I’ll probably do a hardcover version for my “Best Of…” which will cover old blog posts.


  3. Ravenwood says:

    Cool :) How about the habit book, is it going to be published as a paper book as well?

  4. Scott Young says:


    Still not sure yet. I’ll keep it in mind.


  5. Ravenwood says:

    well, *I* would buy it as a paper book (and pay more, at that) but not as an e-book. But, as they say, the plural of anecdote isn’t data ;)

  6. Scott Young says:


    Paper copies definitely have an advantage over digital versions, as many people would buy paper but not digital.

    The disadvantage is that choosing a paper medium puts far more restrictions on how I can sell/distribute the product. Lulu is great, but it is an incomplete solution.


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