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Multimedia Project

I no longer need testers to help me out with the prototype. If you are still interested, the program will be released in early August. A big thanks goes out to all those who helped me int this process!


I am currently working to produce a multimedia program designed to teach goal setting. The program will combine interactive elements with written ones. It is my hope that this type of interactive software will be able to provide a superior learning experience to the reader. By making abstract concepts like goal-setting, visual and tangible, I intend to make learning great personal development techniques easier and more fun.

This project is very experimental and therefore I am using a process of evolutionary design to help design and create it. I started this process in the beginning of January and it has taken a lot of shape even from that point. My biggest problem at the moment is simply that I need some personal development enthusiasts to help me refine and shape the program.

So that is why I am writing this entry. If you are interested in helping guide the progress of this project and giving me valuable feedback to shape its design, you can send me an e-mail at hello@scotthyoung.com

The project will take at least a few months to fully take shape, and it may need more time given its highly experimental nature. Participants would be given updated versions as soon as I can make them and then they can send back feedback about how to make improvements. The next version will not be for a few weeks, so I am trying to recruit some help earlier to avoid a last minute scramble.

For anyone who isn’t participating I’m afraid I cannot reveal much more about the program right now. A good lesson when designing anything is to never promise anything that you haven’t already done. Seeing as the design of this project will likely shift and change as I keep working on it, I can’t promise much.

Thank you for taking time to read my request, I will return to blogging about personal development topics with my next post.

-Scott H Young

Edit: I think I should clarify that you don’t need any skill or experience to help as a tester. If you have some interest in helping out you can send me an e-mail and there are no commitments. This isn’t a beta-testing session where I am looking for experienced QA workers, just anyone who is willing to try something a little different and then give me some feedback. Once again, any help would be greatly appreciated. 🙂