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Gone Until July 17

It looks like I am going to be without internet until July 17. In the upcoming weeks I am going to two weddings and taking some well needed vacation time. During this period I will be unable to check comments, respond to e-mail or make any new posts. I have lined up a few posts for you to enjoy during this period including one on energy management and another on living life as a game. When I get back I’ll be able to devote a lot of time to producing new content, so don’t worry, I’m not abandoning the website. 😉

In other news, the goal setting program that I have briefly mentioned in my postings of this blog should be due for release in early August. This project has been a very interesting experiment and I have learned much from it. I am confident it will provide you with many of the skills of goal setting that have been fundamental in my own personal development.

As another point of interest, tomorrow is my high-school graduation. It has been a fun and often trying twelve years, but my journey through the public education system is finally finished. I will be working throughout the summer (I work as a lifeguard and instructor) to save up money for university. I will be attending University of Manitoba, living in residence, in the fall. I should have a lot more free time to devote to my own personal development and sharing those ideas with you on this blog.

When Ben Casnocha [1], turned 18 he made a post requesting advice from the readers of his blog. Although I am still currently a minor, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to request advice from my readers that they would give to someone still fresh in the world. Here goes:

Looking back at your own experiences, what advice do you have for me, embarking on my own journey into adulthood?

Please keep in mind that because comments are moderated the posts won’t show up until I get back, so please don’t let that discourage you from leaving a reply, I look forward to reading your comments. To continue in Ben’s tradition, you get bonus points if you can leave it in the form of a haiku [2].