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Link: Gods Debris

As you probably know, I don’t link to other people that often. I don’t intend to be a portal for personal development, so I focus on writing original articles. This often results in a lower posting density, but I feel that also means that the value for each post is higher.

However… Sometimes I get something so intriguing I have to share it. After recently reading Ray Kurzweil’s fascinating predictions about the law of accelerating returns [1], I had been pondering about the exact future of the mankind. Although I find thinking about really esoteric concepts for too long tends to leave you in an almost coma-like state, it is a practice that we need to regularly involve ourselves in. These thoughts lead me in many directions until I stumbled upon this interesting free e-book by famous author and creator of the comic strip, Dilbert, Scott Adams.

Entitled, God’s Debris [2], Adams fictional story of an omnipotent man discussing the a bizarre yet tantalizing possibility about the universe. I would tell you it here but that would ruin the beautiful and entertaining trail Adams leads. Aside from thoughts on the true nature of the universe, free will and the identity of God, Adams also gives some interesting thoughts on how to be effective in relationships, attraction, happiness and even goal-setting and affirmations.

As Adams points out, this is not a story for the rigid in thinking or faint of heart. And although he makes claims that the book isn’t humorous, I did have the occasional chuckle, so it is not completly without wit.

Thanks to lifecoaches blog [3] for the link.