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Goals an Interactive Guide

I am pleased to announce that my interactive program designed to help teach goal setting is now available from the programs section of this website. It was a very interesting experiment with some ups and downs but hopefully it can be useful to the readers of this website. You can download the program here [1].

What is the Program?

The program is half written chapters (much like these blog entries) and half game designed for improving your goal setting ability. The objective for the written chapters is to bring up the concepts necessary for proper and effective goal setting. The objective for the game portion is to allow you to practice goal setting concepts as well as getting you to associate goal setting to a fun and interesting process. The program comes with an installer executable.

With nine chapters and twenty seven interactive levels there is a lot of content to get you to start setting goals with. A few of the things discussed in the program are flexibility, motivation, planning, obstacles, velocity based goal setting and discovering your life’s purpose. Hopefully these chapters will convince you of the need to set goals and give you the tools to do that as effectively as possible. Goal setting is an incredibly powerful for personal development and I hope you use it carefully.

The program is completely free of charge and you can use it in whatever way you would like. My only conditions are that you don’t try to sell the program or in any way credit yourself to its production. The total filesize is a little over 1 mb, so it should be easy for most people to download.

A special thanks goes out to everyone who helped me with the prototype test earlier. Your support and advice as readers helped me improve the program greatly.

Download: Goals! An Interactive Guide [1]