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Technical Problems Solved!

Okay, I redid my CSS theme for this site and I think I’ve solved the whole problem with the top-navigation links not working in Internet Explorer. It seems the issue was being caused because Internet Explorer doesn’t like it when I try to overlap sections of the website, which I had done. I redid the stylesheet and now it seems to be functioning normally in both browsers.

For IE users you should probably only now be seeing my updated website design since it has been formatting incorrectly for the past few months. I’d like to invite you to check around some of the areas of the site that were previously off-limits, including the new easy to use Archives. Hopefully this is the end of the formatting issues, but if you think you see anything that could resemble a glitch, don’t hesitate to e-mail it to me at hello@scotthyoung.com

I could not have solved this problem without the help of one reader here and I would like to thank him now. A nice fellow named Gaurav contacted me about the problem with the navigation links and then gave me some pointers on where to look for fixing the problem. A big thanks goes out to him as he has saved myself and the 2/3 of this website that still use Internet Explorer, a lot more hassle and grief. Thanks Gaurav!

Now hopefully people will have no problems accessing any of the pages on this website. If you find any problems don’t hesitate to e-mail me. Thanks to everyone for being patient!