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Popular Posts for November 21

Some of my regular readers may have noticed a recent shortage in posts. Thanks to a busy schedule and several articles that I got midway before deciding to abandon them I’ve been unable to post at the rate I usually do. Hopefully I’ll be able to update a new article in the next day or two, but while you’re waiting I thought I’d point out three posts from the archives.

Frequently I have received questions and comments from readers that ask questions that could really be solved by posts I have already written, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to share some of those popular posts from the past with you now.

Enthusiasm [1] – In this article I outline how to create the emotion of enthusiasm and when to use it.

Excerpt: “The word enthusiasm is derived from the Greek word, enthousiasmos, which means to be inspired or possessed by a divine being. Enthusiasm is an incredibly powerful tool to create momentum. Enthusiasm can also be used to combat fear and nervousness and it can even create temporary energy and willpower. Being enthusiastic also creates an overall feeling of happiness and well-being that makes it worthwhile regardless of its positive side-effects…”

How to Recover From a Broken Commitment [2] – Here I outline the steps to reassert your control when willpower fails.

Excerpt: “If there is any problem I see with people starting to make changes in their lives it is an inability to really commit themselves to a path. In a statistic I saw recently, ninety-eight percent of all New Years resolutions fail before the next year. Many of the comments I receive from readers who have problems making changes lies in a fumbled commitment. These people committed themselves to a goal and then later did something to break that commitment. Breaking your commitments to your goals and yourself has to be one of the most devastating impacts on your ability to make permanent changes…”

Learn By Doing [3] – To know and not to do is really not to know. Here I discuss how to truly get ahead in your own personal development.

Excerpt: “How often do you see a good idea in a book and then proceed to do nothing about it? When that information is presented to you again, do you feel yourself saying, ‘I already learned this…’

The truth is you didn’t learn it then and you haven’t learned it now. This is because most people have a faulty idea about when they have actually learned something. You haven’t learned anything until you have put it into action. Learning doesn’t come from reading or listening. Learning comes from doing and being…”

As an aside, now is the time to make suggestions for posts in the coming week. I frequently write posts in response to peoples comments, questions or suggestions. As a little bonus to encourage your feedback, if you have a blog and I use your question/idea/thought in my very next post I’ll give a link back to you.