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Interview at Public Speaking For All

Blogging friend, Eric Feng of Public Speaking For All [1] interviewed me recently about public speaking. You can check out the entire interview here [2].

One of the questions Eric asks me is what makes a great speaker. I responded by saying that speaking is simply a medium, being a great orator means being able to accomplish what you want through a speech. There aren’t any rules to public speaking, just what is most effective. If you get caught up in mastering a medium as a skill, you may lose sight of the message which is most important.

A lot of people confuse medium and message when it comes to their identity. These people define themselves as programmers, speakers or business owners. Although that is a simple way of describing it, these mediums are empty without the message they contain. What does your program, speech or business communicate?

Don’t be filler. Without a unique and valuable message your medium is just noise. A beautiful piece of software that doesn’t have a needed function. A speech that doesn’t inform, entertain or engage. A business nobody wants to buy from. A bad use of the medium can kill your message, but without a solid message, you’re just noise.

Check out the rest of the interview, here [2].