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Great Books

I get a lot of questions about what books I’ve read. I may mention the odd book in a post, but most of my reading is relatively hidden. Seeing as there are many excellent books out there, I’ve decided to add a ‘Great Books’ category in the sidebar. I’m keeping it intentionally small, limiting everything that hasn’t provided tremendous value.

The truth is most of what I end up reading is mediocre. I’ve read a lot of books that offer the same basic solutions and ideas. I don’t really think this is reflective of the quality of books out there, but simply that I’ve read so many books that there aren’t a lot of ideas that I’ve never heard before. Also, good ideas tend to spread and get repackaged, so the best ideas are often common and it takes a really excellent book to offer an idea that is both original and extremely useful.

Here are my picks:

I’ll be adding new books to the collection as I continue to read. If you have any books to recommend to me, I’m always open to new suggestions.