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I Need Your Help

I’m all about improvement in every way, especially when it comes to this blog. If you are a subscriber or have been coming here for a couple visits, I’d like to get some feedback for how to improve the website and the articles I offer.

Specifically there are three questions. I’ll keep the questions brief, so if you could just take one minute to write down your response either in the comments section or through the contact form, I would be very grateful.

Question One:

Would you like articles that are easier to scan through quickly or are you looking for articles with greater depth and explanation? (You can just reply, “more depth,” or “easier scanning” if you want)

Why I’m Asking This Question:

I have a feeling that my articles face two conflicting goals, people want in-depth explanations that provide deeper insights but, being time constrained, people also want ideas that are easier to scan and absorb quickly. These ideas can work in harmony, but I’d like to know where you feel my blog is currently leaning too much towards. Are the articles lacking the depth you feel is necessary or are they too dense and you end up missing the points in an attempt to skim them?

Question Two:

Do you subscribe/visit here because you find most my posts of generally good value or do you visit because you hope for the odd fantastic post but find most the posts mediocre? Basically, is posting quality all in the same ballbark or is there some real gems that draw you surrounded by more mediocre work? (You can just reply, “general quality,” or, “rare insights” if you like)

Why I’m Asking This Question:

My traffic tends to come from a small minority of posts. This could be because those ideas happen to be particularly viral and easy to spread. But it could also be that many readers find most my ideas pretty average but they stick around because occasionally I write something really useful. I won’t be offended if you only come around for rare insights, I’m just want to know whether I’m better off investing time to create those rare posts or spreading my time to give more general content.

Question Three:

Is there a feature you have noticed on other blogs that you like, but this one lacks? This could be design elements, pod/vidcasting, subscription options, newsletters, improved contact forms, etc.

Why I’m Asking This Question:

I’m not a blogging expert. There are thousands of plugins, tools and services I can offer. Some are really easy to install and other take a bit of set-up. I’d like to know what my readers want in terms of features. A reader requesting e-mail subscription services prompted me to spend about fifteen minutes to set it up for the website. If there are any other services you like but this blog lacks, let me know.

Why I’m Giving This Survey

I don’t give a lot of weight to group surveys normally. Usually people reply with what they think they want and while you are busy fulfilling that someone sneaks up and does better by fulfilling what you don’t even realize you want. I’m guess you all want a higher posting frequency with greater quality ideas, that’s a given.

What I really want to know is the answers to questions that statistics packages simply can’t answer. Since you really only need to answer the first two questions and they each are about 3 words a piece, it won’t take more than a minute to add a comment. If you want to improve the quality of this blog I need your say.

Remember this blog isn’t a behemoth yet so your individual opinion will hold sway over the final direction of my content. Thank you for your time and your help. Have a great day!

Question Recap:

  1. Would you like: More depth or Easier Scanning?
  2. Do you see this blog as having: General Quality or Rare Insights?
  3. (Optional) Are there any features you feel this blog is missing?

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