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Friday Links for 07-04-20

From the Web…

I’m starting a semi-regular Friday links feature for this blog, hopefully to point you towards some great personal development resources around the web, this site and on paper.

Zen To Done (ZTD): The Ultimate Simple Productivity System [1] – Leo, over at ZenHabits [2] has an interesting post series about his new productivity system, ZTD. A modification of the ever-popular Getting Things Done (GTD) system by Dave Allen, this one focuses on building the habits of organization and productivity one at a time.

Ririan Project [3] – A great blog if you haven’t already found it is Ririan’s website. It features a list of tips on different subjects for self-improvement. I did a guest post, 7 Little Known Ways to Drastically Improve Your Learning [4] a few days ago.

Ben Casnocha [5] – I’ve mentioned Ben a few times in articles, but I’ve never given his site a proper link. He’s a 19 year old entrepreneur and blogger. His writings are usually more thought-provoking than informative, which in an increasingly information dense world is rare.

From the Archives…

My archives are getting a bit bulky, nearing 300 articles. As part of Friday links I’d like to include a post from the archives you may have missed.

Learn By Doing [6] – Improvement comes from doing, not just reading.

From the Shelf…

A few weeks ago I finished reading Dale Carnegie’s bestselling book, How to Win Friends and Influence People [7]. Although his specific tips for handling people may seem like common sense, there are some interesting points to reflect on. Here are a couple interesting points I got from the book:

You can get the book from Amazon here: How to Win Friends and Influence People [7].