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Links for Getting in Shape

It’s approaching summer, a great time to be fit and look good. Here are a couple resources for getting in shape that I’ve stumbled upon recently. Good ideas in all:

Tim Ferriss [1] documents how he gained 34 pounds of muscle mass from a combined total of eight hours in the gym over one month. Even if he had a natural predisposition to muscle gain which from his own accounts doesn’t appear to be the case this would be very impressive. The article [2] is a good read and the research he uses to back up his efforts is even better.

The take-home point from this article is that quantity can’t replace quality. Tim and the research he offers seems to make the point that working out more cannot replace (and in some cases can negate) efforts for a high intensity. I’ve been looking for new exercise hacks lately, and this provides plenty.

Leo offers some tips on exercising [3] and starts a May Challenge over at Zen Habits. Following up from my post on daily exercise [4], Leo has offered some great tips for getting in shape. He is also offering the ability to join in the May Challenge to receive reminder e-mails about your change. Looks like a great idea.