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Friday Links for 07-05-04

From the Web

Free Audio Books [1] – SimplyAudiobooks has a number of free audio books you can download. I just finished hearing Sun Tzu’s classic “The Art of War” which is well done.

Achieve Flow by Hacking Your Tasks [2] – I recently did another guest spot at lifehack.org about task engagement.

HELLO, my name is Scott [3] – No, not me, but Scott Ginsberg. He’s the author of several books and he updates his blog regularly. Great if you need a bit of inspiration.

From the Archives

The Optimists Dilemma [4] – My take on the positive thinking debate. There were some good comments after this post. Final verdict: “being optimistic about the whole of life is better than optimism towards specifics which can blind you to dangers.”

From the Shelf

Good to Great [5] – Although technically a book about businesses going from good to great, it is a practical guide for self-improvement as well. Instead of looking at dramatic successes it asks what to do for people who go from a stagnation point towards growth and excellence. A couple gems from the book:

Level 5 Managers – Beyond excellent, a level five manager isn’t just skilled he also knows how to put his ego aside and get the greatness in other people. A great lesson in the difference between arrogance and confident humility.

The Hedgehog Principle – Based on an old fable, the hedgehog principle gets you to focus on what your core competency is – and be the best at it.

If you have any links, books or archive articles you’d like to recommend for the next section of Friday Links you can always send them in to me or write them in the comments.