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Friday Links for 07-05-11

From the Web

Upgrade your presentation skills with a guest spot I did for the Ririan Project entitled, “5 Powerful Hacks to Immediately Improve Your Presentations [1].” The post made lifehacker [2] plus digg and delicious frontpages.

Interested in running? Leo has a great post, “Beginner’s Guide to Running [3],” over at ZenHabits. And unless you aren’t already a subscriber [4] the rest of Leo’s site is great too.

Featured BlogThe Happiness Project [5]. A great blog updated regularly about the subject of happiness. Written in a conversational style, Gretchen Rubin features a lot of psychological research to back up her ideas so it isn’t just fluff.

From the Archives

Respect Your State [6] – “Emotional control starts with accepting and respecting the current state you are in. You can’t lie to yourself about how you feel. If you aren’t feeling great, telling yourself that you usually only bottles up those emotions until they later spill out.” Popular post from earlier this year.

From the Shelf

Stumbling on Happiness [7] – Fantastic book that gives a scientific perspective on our struggle to find happiness. One of the few books that I’ve read that really completely alters my perceptions. If I could sum it up in one sentence: “If you think you know what makes you happy, think again.”

If you have any links, books or archive articles you think should make it into the next edition of Friday Links, just write a comment here.