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Friday Links 07-05-18

From the Web

I’ve been doing a lot of guest posts on other blogs lately. Here are some of the recent posts I’ve made:

Be Your Own Teacher [1] – Here is a guest post I did for Goals to Action about self-education. Having taught myself most of what I know, from personal development to programming, I provide some tips for how to become self-educated.

Solve Tough Problems with a Brain Reboot [2] – Another guest post I did for Leo of ZenHabits. This one is about how to use meditative techniques for practical purposes. Leo tells me he’ll be sending another guest post to this blog when he has the time, so I’m looking forward to that.

The Art of Humble Confidence [3] – I’ve had a lot of issues with the “Be Confident” mantra pervading self-help and Western culture. This is my attempt to debug some of those problems and offer an alternative. This has been part of my weekly column at lifehack.org

From the Archives

What Do You Need to Stop? [4]

Action requires you to stop something else. This article probes the idea that you should think, not just about what needs to get done, but what needs to be stopped. Instead of a to-do list, think a to-stop list.

From the Shelf

Check out my full length review [5] of The 4-Hour Workweek [6] by Tim Ferriss.