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How to Handle Criticism at Lifehack.org

I just finished another entry in my column over at lifehack.org entitled, How to Handle Criticism [1]. People who know me well understand that I have a very odd style of accepting criticism and negative feedback. Although the initial blow of a harsh comment or criticism can damage your ego, it is my first aim to try to use anything that gets sent my way.

This article outlines the three filters I use to personally judge how to handle any form of criticism, and how to distinguish from negative advice you need to learn from and the kind you need to react assertively against.

Here’s a brief segment:

How well do you handle criticism? I’ve been dealt a lot of criticism ranging from harsh feedback to feeling completely insulted. Although the saying goes, “Stick and stones can break by bones, but words can never hurt me,” a harsh piece of feedback can definitely leave you with a bruised ego.

Despite the sting, I’ve found criticism can often be useful. Feedback can help you fix mistakes and improve. I believe criticism can often show you what your own blind spots are, pointing you out to problems before they arise. I’ve found my ability to use sometimes harsh feedback, has given me an advantage in my own self-improvement.

How to Handle Criticism [1]