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Friday Links 07-06-22

From the Web

How to Become a Better Writer [1] – Good advice from Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert. His blog is great too.

Cup of Chai [2] – Arjun has an interesting blog for the productive student.

Get Rich Slowly asks, “What is the cost of fun?” [3] – J.D. breaks down some common activities into their dollar per hour cost. While I don’t think money is the only measurement that should be used for value, it is an interesting point.

From the Archives

Respect Your State [4] – The Zen of Folding Laundry prompted some references from readers to this older article I wrote about a similar topic.

From the Shelf

The Elegant Universe [5] – Not personal development, but I like reading books about physics without having to know anything about physics. With a great writing style and well-crafted metaphors, Green explains everything from the basics of Einstein’s theories to the current developments in String Theory.

Although you’ve probably already heard of it, Hawking’s A Brief History of Time [6] deserves a nod here too.