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Friday Links 07-07-06

From the Web

I’ve been doing some guest posts and freelance writing recently. Check out some articles I’ve written off this site:

20 Tips to Nuke a Bad Habit [1] – A guest post I did for Leo of ZenHabits.

Reboot Your Brain with Practical Meditation [2] – A practical guide to meditation, through lifehack.org.

10 Tips to Study Smart and Save Time
– An article about holistic learning with some tricks, once again for lifehack.org.

Lifehack.org HowTo [3] – I’ve been doing some freelance work for Leon to help fill out the HowTo wiki. This area of lifehack.org is starting to fill out, so I invite you to read some of the articles it has.

10 Tips to Start a New Habit [4] – Another guest post about habits I did over at Alex Shalman’s personal development blog.

From the Archives

Do Less to Be More Productive [5] – Guest post from Leo of ZenHabits. Don’t run around like a monkey on speed. Focus on doing less and simplifying will make you more productive. For anyone who knows Leo, it seems this focus might actually lead to getting more done too. Leo writes a dozen or so articles a week, has a fulltime job, takes care of six kids and just set up a forum on his site.

From the Shelf

The Medici Effect [6] – A great guide on creativity. The main idea? Creativity comes from an intersection of completely different fields. Good reading for anyone who is interested in tapping the power of their ideas.