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I’m Gone for a Week

I’ll be gone from the 9th to the 16th. I’ll be visiting family and spending a couple days at a cottage where the closest thing to a computer and internet access is a television from the 80’s and rabbit ears. I’ll doubt I’ll be able to get online, so no new comments will appear on this blog and I won’t get a chance to answer any e-mails.

As for posting, I saved up four articles to spread over the next seven days. There won’t be any Friday links, but I think the other entries will make up for it.

When I get back I’m planning on doing a redesign of the website. Although I did a small redesign last year, I felt with all the new additions to the site and an archives that is exceeding 300 posts, it needs a clean up. It won’t be anything dramatic, but I’m hoping it will help people get an idea about what this site is about and who I am as soon as they get here.

See you in a week!