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Friday Links 07-07-20

After a week hiatus, I’ve brought back some links for you today:

From the Web

John Place Online [1] – Don’t confuse the title, his name is actually John Place. This is a great blog with similar topics to this one. Well written and it appears to be updated fairly regularly.

Steve Pavlina [2] – I don’t link to him directly too often because he’s well-known. But I’d consider his blog a must-read, even if his posts can be on the lengthy side.

National Novel Writing Month [3] – The goal is to have a finished novel in one month and the race starts in November. Finishing an entire novel in a month seems pretty daunting, but it also sounds like a fun challenge I might take up this November.

From the Archives

How Much Time Do You Have? [4] – One of the first articles I wrote for this site. It is easy to get caught up in a pile of responsibilities and to-do lists and forget that time is our commodity. You decide how to use it and take the results of those choices.

From the Shelf

The Alchemist [5] – This is a great book I read during my week off. It reads almost like a longer version of a children’s parable, but the message is timeless. It follows the boy Santiago on his journey for treasure in the pyramids. The gold isn’t the real treasure, but what he learns along the way.