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I’m Nineteen

Today I’m celebrating my 19th birthday. To mark the occasion I spent much of yesterday reviewing the past year and setting out plans and goals for the future. I thought I would interrupt the normal stream of new content to share a bit of that review.

This post is going to be entirely self-indulgent, so if you’re looking for new lifehacking ideas you might want to just skip this post and wait until Monday.

Looking Back

This year has been an exceptional one. I moved away and completed my first year of University. Here are a few of the highlights I’m most proud of:

Another honorable mention has been interacting with you. Although I only receive comments and e-mails from a sliver of the readers here, if they are in any way a representative sample, you should be proud. The people I’ve had a chance to talk with and meet who read this blog seem to be highly intelligent and driven. Which makes me feel even more privileged to have the opportunity to write to you.

Bumps in the Road

This year was such a positive one that any negative experiences seem like they should be minor footnotes. But there were a few issues in the last year that taught me a lot:

Looking Forward

I expect the next year to be just as eventful as this one has been. Some of the major points I would like to focus on for the next year:

Even if the new year will be incredibly busy, I expect it to be fun. Fun is an undervalued aspect of all this productivity and goal-setting craziness. I thoroughly enjoy getting up each morning and finding new ways to improve doing what I love. Knowing that, I’m confident that next year will turn out well regardless of whether I reach my goals.