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Friday Links 07-08-24

From the Web

Overcoming Bias [1] – This is my favorite new blog I’ve stumbled upon recently. Updated frequently, it explores how we make errors in thinking. Basically an insight in how to improve how you think.

Make More Money by Demanding It [2] – Are you earning less than you’re worth? Written from a female perspective but equally applicable to both genders, this article covers how to ask for what you are worth and how not to get weaseled out of money you deserve.

Thoughts on Advice [3] – Ben Casnocha pulls out some great ideas on the field of advice giving. As a guy who gives way too much, I completely agree with Ben.

From the Archives

Why You Should Join Toastmasters [4] – I’m a real advocate for the Toastmasters program. I feel it is sometimes the product of bad marketing by making itself seem like only a meeting place for stuffy presenters and speakers. Really it can be a great opportunity to build communication skills and make friends.

From the Shelf

The China Study [5] – I’ve been mentioning vegetarianism a lot in my last few posts. I’d like to offer one of my scientific sources for backing up my diet. The book argues that a lower protein, plant based diet is an effective tool for combating many chronic diseases of the Western world.