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Friday Links 07-09-14

From the Web

7 Stupid Thinking Errors You Probably Make [1] – A popular article I did for lifehack, as part of my new favorite subject of cognitive biases and heuristics.

5 Signs You Are On Autopilot [2] – Peter sent me this article and I’m glad I read it. I particularly like his comment about leaving school and deciding you don’t want to come back. His stance: “In my opinion, if someone returns home after travel and is not compelled to finish their study, it is a fairly good sign that it does not reflect their calling.” Good point.

Haiku Productivity from ZenHabits [3] – Another fantastic post from Leo. “The key to Haiku Productivity is to limit yourself to an arbitrary but small number of things, forcing yourself to focus on the important stuff and eliminate all else.”

From the Archives

Twenty Ways to Stay Productive When Working at Home [4] – Working at home has advantages. But it can also be a trap if you don’t know how to manage yourself effectively.

From the Shelf

Purple Cow [5] – Basically all Seth Godin’s books are worth a read. He has great ideas, and they apply to more than just business. This one centers around the need to be remarkable, instead of just good.