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Upcoming Interview on Be Happy Dammit

This Friday at 8:00 a.m. EST, I’m going to be on the “Be Happy Dammit” radio program. Bestselling author, Karen Salmansohn will be interviewing me. I’ll be discussing some of the information from my e-book “How to Change a Habit” and other thoughts on how habits influence you and how to take control of them.

I’ve done several interviews before for various blogs, but this is the first offline interview I’ve done. Best of all it’s live. It should be a fun experience and hopefully it will help get some of my ideas out to a new audience. I’m not sure the impact it will have on blog traffic (I’m skeptical the offline to online gap can be easily bridged) but it should be interesting.

If you want to tune my part of the show is going to air between 8-8:30 a.m. EST, Friday the 28th, on Sirius satellite radio, channel 114. If there are post-interview podcasts available, I’ll let you know after Friday.

Wish me luck!