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Friday Links 07-10-12

From the Web

Public Speaking FAQ [1] – Recently I was sent a copy of The FAQ Book on Public Speaking. The book is thorough and tackles many questions you might have about giving a presentation or honing your craft. A good read for anyone interested in boosting their speaking skills.

Social Polarity [2] – Brad has another great article here about getting people to like you without trying. The main point? Stop trying to appeal to everyone and instead try to become more aware of people that match who you are. Although dating is Brad’s frequent example, I find most of the advice he gives can be broadened to deal with most areas of life.

The 7 Energy Sinkholes and How to Avoid Them [3] – A lifehack entry I did recently.

From the Archives

Ten Steps to Cultivate the Now Habit [4] – Tips for staying in the now.

From the Shelf

Stumbling on Happiness [5] – A great read for anyone interested in happiness from a scientific standpoint. Gilbert does an excellent job compressing the findings of hundreds of psychological studies into easy to understand information about what makes you tick.

Quick Question for Readers:

Do you use the comment form? I currently use a moderation system where all comments must be approved by me before they appear on the website. I use it to ensure spam (which accounts for 95% of the entries) doesn’t clutter the website. But I’ve been told my moderation system makes it hard to have discussions since it can be a day or two before people can see other replies.

If you have any other suggestions for preventing spam attacks but allowing discussion flow, I’m all ears. I’ve always found CAPTCHA systems to be somewhat irritating, but they might be preferable to my moderation. Spam filters aren’t strong enough on their own (Even with Askimet I get around 50% spam). Any suggestions?