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Friday Links 07-11-30

From the Web

Lost Purposes [1] -Another great post at Overcoming Bias. I’ve talked before about the difference between going to school to learn versus just getting a degree [2]. This post explores how it is easy to lose your sight of your actual purpose.

Stop Simplifying Reality [3] – The road to hell is paved with good intentions. From most of the sources I’ve heard about the problems in Africa, it seems that more charity is not the answer. This article explores how Bono’s call for more aid to Africa may end up hurting those he wants to help. Hat tip to Ben Casnocha [4].

From the Archives

Don’t Be Yourself [5] – Readers of this site know that I dislike the expression “be yourself”. On the surface it sounds like great advice, but I’ve found it to be not only meaningless but potentially dangerous.

Request for Students

Cal Newport, blogger at Study Hacks, author and guest contributor would to know how you managed to get into University. In his own words [6]:

I am interested in hearing stories about students who followed unconventional paths into top colleges. That is, I want to hear about students who focused on one interesting, unusual thing in high school (instead of taking on a million activities to try to impress an admissions officer), and ended up getting accepted at a good college.

If you feel you fit this profile, just give Cal a shout [7].