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Friday Links 07-12-14

From the Web

Networking with Giants [1] – Another great article by Tim Ferriss about how to connect with superstar mentors.

80/20 Mistakes [2] – Errors I’ve seen people make when trying to use the 80/20 Rule. After my popular article on unusual 80/20 Rule uses, I felt the rule needed some clarification

25 Articles for Students [3] – A great resource full of studying/productivity/lifehack articles.

From the Archives

Myth: Organization is the Key to Productivity [4] – This is an article I wrote before Cal’s great entry, The Art of the Finish [5]. Both aim to break away from the myth that being super-organized, carrying lists and writing to-do lists is the same as getting projects accomplished. Often the biggest achievers can live in near chaos, simply because they know how to motivate themselves to churn out work.

From the Shelf

1984 [6] – After going through a heavily self-help/non-fiction period a few years back, I’ve been trying to read more of the classics in literature. Literature makes a large part of the unconscious philosophy in society, so in order to understand society I think it is important to understand the written works that helped shape it. I’m halfway through this famous novel by George Orwell.