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Friday Links 08-01-04

From the Web

The Two-Party Swindle [1] – Are the interests of politicians and voters aligned?

CEO’s Read More Fiction [2] – A reader sent me this link about how CEO’s often read more fiction than non-fiction business books, which echoes my feelings in this post. Another coincidence, I noticed the title of Faust in the snapshot of one library, which I just finished reading a week ago.

From the Archives

How to Make Commitments You Will Actually Keep [3] – For those of you planning to start a New Year’s Resolution, here are some of my thoughts on sticking with commitments.

From the Shelf

Ender’s Game [4] – A great science fiction novel by Orson Scott Card, this book follows the story of a young boy recruited to lead the world’s armies. The boy is incredibly smart, but suffers under the intense training he is forced through.