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Friday Links 08-01-18

From the Web

Quotes [1] on [2] Rationality [3] – Great quotes from Overcoming Bias. Here’s a few of my favorites:

“How many legs does a dog have, if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.”
— Abraham Lincoln

“I’ve found that people who are great at something are not so much convinced of their own greatness as mystified at why everyone else seems so incompetent.”
Paul Graham [4]

“When you’re young, you look at television and think, There’s a conspiracy. The networks have conspired to dumb us down. But when you get a little older, you realize that’s not true. The networks are in business to give people exactly what they want.
That’s a far more depressing thought. Conspiracy is optimistic! You can shoot the bastards!”
Steve Jobs [5]

Giving Up Everything [6] – Brad shares some of the defining moments of his life. The main point? That you can’t get something better if you keep holding onto what you already have.

From the Archives

What Do You Want to Do With Your Life? [7] – A lot of people my age struggle with this question. I’m a believer that if you don’t have any good responses to this question, the answer isn’t to compromise with the best option you have; it’s to go find better options!

From the Shelf

I Am America (And So Can You!) [8] – Stephen Colbert is hilarious and smart at the same time. The Daily Show and The Colbert Report have reset the rules for television satire, and they are one of the few television shows I watch occasionally. I Am America isn’t as funny as the Report, because it lacks Colbert’s signature expressions and improv talent, but it was still a good laugh.