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Friday Links 08-01-25

From the Web

Tons of great articles in the past week:

The Martini Method for Productivity [1] – A great review of the difference between hard and soft deadlines. Plus a famous author’s method for being productive.

Run Your Life Like a Fortune 500 Company [2] – Ramit Sethi uses some great examples to point out the importance of measuring. I’m a stats addict when it comes to getting real data for the important metrics of life (how much you eat, read, sleep, work, etc.) If you don’t measure you don’t know–period.

Time Arbitrage [3]– Not all time was created equally. Cal Newport goes over the importance of time arbitrage when scheduling your day.

Never Check E-Mail Again [4] – Could it really be possible? Tim Ferriss demonstrates his system for cutting out e-mail clutter from his life.

New Research in Procrastination [5] – In another great article over at Study Hacks, Cal writes about new research that shows procrastination is less about willpower [6] and more about energy [7]. I couldn’t agree more.

From the Archives

How to Give Up Television [8] – When I wrote this article I was off the tube for about six months completely. Today I’d watch less than an hour of television per week. The article goes further trying to explore how to cut the wasted viewing hours, or eliminate them altogether.

From the Shelf

The Singularity is Near [9] – Will biological intelligence become obsolete in 2050? This, along with other major changes, is the future predicted by inventor and technology genius Ray Kurzweil. He predicts that AI will soon eclipse human beings in intelligence and have the tools to accelerate its own thinking. The message of the book is optimistic, however, as one source he cites claims: “The robots will inherit the earth. But, they will be our children.” Even more, as Kurzweil claims, they will be us.