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Friday Links 08-03-21

From the Web

Common Cold Cures [1] – Tim Ferriss suggests four cures for the common cold that include orange peals and spiced rum. I was in bed for most of three days early in the week because of the bug. Although I decided to go the more common route for treatment. (I don’t know what people did before DayQuil and NyQuil…)

Top Lifehack Blogs [2] – CollegeDegree.com lists the Top 100 lifehack and productivity blogs, of which I’m proud to announce that ScottHYoung.com was included in the list.

From the Archives

Since I have no new shelf entries this week (illness and reading Adam Smith don’t mix) I’m giving an extra archive-dump. Check out some of these popular posts from the past:

How to Make Deadlines Work Using Hofstadter’s Law [3] – “How do you set deadlines when predicting the time you need is almost impossible? I don’t believe you should abandon deadlines entirely. Although some people work well without constraints on timing, I would say they are in the minority, not majority.”

How to Get Back into a Good Mood [4] – “I’ve found three methods for quickly getting back into a good mood. Although there may be deeper underlying problems that are creating your trip to negativity land, I’ve found that these three methods help me recover back into a good mood almost all of the time.”

I Will Be Happy When… [5] – “The problem is that solving problems doesn’t make you happier. Happiness isn’t reality but a way of interpreting reality. If you can’t find happiness right now, then solving a million problems won’t uncover it. A reader gave me a Buddhist quote a few days ago that I think sums it up well, ‘There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.'”

Bonus: Do Less to Be More Productive [6] – A rare guest post from Leo Babauta, back when ZenHabits [7] was just an acorn. With great articles like this, it’s no wonder that ZenHabits is now one of the Top 100 blogs in the entire blogosphere [8].