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Friday Links 08-05-16

From the Web

Can You Become a Creature of New Habits [1] – A great New York Times piece on habits, what they mean and some tips for taking control of them. Habits and how they impact our lives has been a recurring theme on this blog, so it probably won’t have too many new ideas for long-time readers.

How to Be a Man [2] – Steve Pavlina writes about the virtues of manliness. The most interesting points are:

2. Put Your Relationships Second – A man who claims his #1 commitment in life is his relationship partner (or his family) is either too dishonest or too weak to be trusted.”

8. Honor the Masculinity of Other Men – When a man sees a male friend undertaking a new venture that will clearly lead to failure, what does the man do? Does he warn his friend off such a path? No, the man encourages his friend to continue.”

Although it’s written for the XY’s in the audience, I think this advice could apply to anyone trying to be a better person.

From the Archives

Don’t Be Yourself [3] – One of the best pieces of advice I’ve heard is “Whether you try to or not, you can’t be anything but yourself.” I think it is important to be authentic and original, but “being yourself” can be an excuse to surrender to any limitations you’ve had in your past.

Blog Update

Lot’s of news coming in the next few weeks. You should see announcements for a few new projects that are nearing completion:

  1. Email Zen – This is a book I was asked to do for the Web Warrior Guides. The small ebook covers my ideas for how to have efficient email usage without falling into some of the most common communication traps. This will be coming out in the next few days, so expect to see a post soon.
  2. Get More From Life – This is my “Best of ScottHYoung.com” ebook and paperback. The ebook will be free and covers the best 20 articles from my archives of over 530. The paperback is similar, except it contains the best 80 articles and comes printed on dead trees. Production is finished, I’m just doing the finishing touches with the self-publisher, Lulu.