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Friday Links 08-05-23

From the Web

What’s Wrong With What We Eat [1] – This is why I’m a vegetarian. Mark Bittman, a New York Times writer (and meat-eater) delivers a fantastic presentation on just what is wrong with the Standard American Diet. This is a must-view for anyone who considers their health and the fight on global warming important. For those of you who don’t have 20 minutes to watch the video, here’s a NYT article with a similar message [2].

Focus on the Lifestyle [3] – Another great article from Study Hacks. I’ve decided my ideal lifestyle is working a completely digital life, where I can live wherever I can bring a laptop. Passive revenue streams and investments instead of bosses and clients. Creative freedom instead of policies and procedures. It may sound unrealistic, but it’s what I’ve been working on for the last four years and I’m surprisingly close.

Results Only Work Environment [4] – Reading this article almost made me wish I worked at Best Buy. The last few jobs I’ve worked focus on payment for hours, not for actual work. As someone who values productivity over wasting time, this was the part I hated most about working hourly wages. It breeds a culture that rewards looking busy over doing actual work. Part II is here [5].

Smart To-Do [6] – I switched from pencil and paper to digital to-do lists almost a year ago. A reader pointed me to this app which promises a few interface improvements to the typical online to-do list.

From the Archives

Experimentation [7] – I’m a believer in the “Shut up and put up” approach. It’s easy to spend years debating theories and waiting for perfect opportunities. It’s better to actually experiment and find out firsthand.

From the Shelf

Still haven’t finished The Count of Monte Cristo. However, after reading about 650 pages of the 900 page novel, I can say it is one of my favorites.