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Friday Links 08-05-30

From the Web

How to Change Your Attitude [1]. Tim shares his life coaching experience with changing attitudes. Attitude can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you enter into something with enthusiasm and high expectations, they tend to get returned back to you.

Beat the Pros by Being a Know-Nothing Investor [2]. Index funds. Invest in index funds. Index funds routinely out-perform managed mutual funds and the costs of investment are much smaller.

Become a Web Warrior Affiliate [3]. If you’d like to earn money promoting either my book, Email Zen [4] or any of the other great Web Warrior guides, sign up today.

From the Archives

10 Tips for Enjoying Solitude [5]. I believe learning to enjoy solitude is an important step towards social independence. Only if you can be comfortable by yourself can you take control over your social life.