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Friday Links 08-06-06

From the Web

Maintaining Not-Quite Daily Habits [1] – Some tips from Steve Pavlina on how to keep an irregular routine. I’ve already written previously [2] that I believe consistency is crucial for forming habits. Consistency helps for maintaining a habit, but you can become inflexible if you try to be perfectly consistent with every habit you have. I’d hate to miss a great social event just because I wake up early every day, even if it means my habits need more regular tuning than Steve’s might.

Improved Reading Tips [3] – The Road of a Student has a new article on improving your reading ability. The best suggestion is to use tools like Wikipedia and definr to aid your understanding.

Mini-Retirement Tips and Tricks [4] – Who wants to go to Uruguay? Tim Ferriss shares some tips on how to take mini-retirements. I’ve already mentioned my desire [5] to live a digital life, so the concept of mini-retirements and travel fascinate me.

From the Archives

Twenty Ways to Stay Productive When Working at Home [6] – Productivity has the biggest range when you’re working at home. You have the power to do a lot of meaningful tasks when you’re setting your own goals and projects. On the other hand, there is no pressure or social expectations, so the ability to waste huge amounts of time is there too. I’ve been working on personal projects for several years, and I’ve definitely experienced both ends of the spectrum. Here are some of my tips for staying closer to the “high productivity” end and not the “extreme laziness” side of working at home.

From the Shelf

The Count of Monte Cristo [7] – This book would be in the top 5 for fiction books I’ve ever read. The story is fascinating and complex, the characters are well developed, and I believe the book has an important (if religious) message. In the last paragraph, Alexandre Dumas writes that the entirety of human wisdom can be captured in the phrase, “Wait and hope.” To which I’d alter, “Wait, hope and act.”