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Get More From Life: A Gift For You

I’ve just released a new e-book and paperback book entitled, Get More From Life. The book comes in several versions and covers the best articles written on this website. With over 500 articles published on this website and through other channels, I understand it can be a bit hard to sort through all the content on this website. If you’re new to the website and like the articles here, or have been reading for months, you’ll be able to look through some of the best articles in an easy-to-use format.

How is this a gift, you ask? Well, I’m giving away one of the two versions away for free. The other version is sold only at the cost it takes to be produced. There are two options you can use to look at the book:

  1. Easy Viewing PDF File. This version contains the best 20 articles from around the website. It is formatted with a large font and perfectly fits your computer screen. I’ve put extra care into designing this one so it will be easy to use. You can download it here [1], without paying me a cent.
  2. Paperback Version. Want to own a piece of dead tree? You can do that too. I’ve compiled the best 80 articles in a longer, more comprehensive version of Get More From Life. The book is 382 pages and costs $12.23, which only includes the cost of manufacturing the book. I can’t make it any cheaper without going broke, but this is a non-profit chance for fans of the website to own something they can hold in their hands. Lulu did a great job with the printing, as I have the first copy sitting on my bookshelf. Order a copy here [2] for $12.23 (excluding shipping and VAT).

I wanted to create this book as a way of saying thanks to all the people who have supported myself and this website since it started over two years ago. I probably wouldn’t be writing here today if it wasn’t for your shared ideas and inspiration.