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Friday Links 08-08-01

From the Web

How to Read a Book (Hint: Do it Slowly) [1] – Blogger Brad Bollenbach posts the anti-speed reading manifesto.  His thoughts are that the amount you read isn’t nearly as important as the quality of what you read and the amount of mental digestion you can offer to a new book.  Despite writing articles on speed reading, I agree with Brad that quality needs to take place over quantity.

Advocating Weight Training [2] – Weight training is my primary form of exercise.  I’m a fan of weight training along with separate aerobic workouts because I believe it increases your overall strength and energy levels.  Here’s an article advocating some of the reasons why weight training is worth pursuing.

The DaVinci Syndrome? [3] – Steve Pavlina believes that having many different interests is worth pursuing.  This is an interesting article, because the common wisdom I’m used to hearing is to specialize.  I’ve never been much for specializing, and my interests tend to travel everywhere.  Steve provides a good argument for why I’m not crazy.

From the Archives

Sell Your Ideas Like a Movie Producer [4] – Communicating original ideas is hard.  Here’s a tip to make it easier.

Health Update

As some of you may know, I’ve been fighting sickness the last two weeks.  Thankfully, both Cal Newport and Leo Babauta helped me out tremendously by offering to write guest posts during this week.  I’m on the road to recovery, so hopefully I’ll be able to post normally in August.  Thanks for the patience for everyone while I left a temporary vacuum on the blog, all the well wishes were appreciated.