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Help Support Entrepreneurship: The Curry BizCamp

I don’t often get a chance to promote charitable causes on this website.  However, I’ve recently become involved with fund-raising for The Curry BizCamp [1].  The BizCamp is a program dedicated to training underprivileged kids the basic skills of entrepreneurship and starting a business.

Although I don’t come from an underprivileged background, being introduced to entrepreneurship and the idea of running my own business was a life-changing event.  Much of my productivity, goal-setting and other self-improvement pursuits started when the original idea of entrepreneurship was planted in my head.  I think encouraging others to go down a similar path, especially those who might not have the environment or role models to spark those ideas, is a fantastic opportunity.

Until October 20th, I’ll be accepting donations to go towards the BizCamp [2].  I was introduced to the BizCamp through a class, so on the 20th, I’ll be writing a check for the total amount donated in that period to the BizCamp itself.  I’m collecting the donations personally in part because it is needed for my records as a fund-raiser, and also so I can make my own offer to sweeten the deal.

Donate and Get Free Stuff (PBS-style)

It wouldn’t be much of a promotion if I wasn’t willing to put in something myself, so here’s the deal:

Anyone who donates over:

I expect that my income from the website will go down as a result of people buying the books through donations and not through sales, so this is a part of my contribution to the BizCamp.

If you’re interested in donating and getting some good karma can just click here [2].  I will be using the provided PayPal address to follow-up about any e-books or additional information.  If you want to contact me with a different email, just send me a message with the PayPal email you used to donate along with the address  you’d prefer for follow-up contact.

You can read more about what happens at the BizCamp here [1].

I’m a big believer that educating people to be self-starters is better than giving handouts, and the BizCamp fits in with that philosophy perfectly.  So if you’d like to help, donate today [2].