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Friday Links 09-03-27

From the Web

I Will Teach You to Be Rich, Released [1] – Ramit’s first published book went on sale this week. I received a few advance press-release chapters, and I’m looking forward to reading this book. Unlike other personal finance books which either focus on obtuse speculation tips or silly suggestions for saving money on laundry, Ramit has a talent for focusing on what’s important when it comes to saving: you.

From the Archives

My Goals for Life [2] – If you’re interested in what my personal goals are, and why I care so much about goal setting and productivity.

Personal Update

Thanks again for everyone who sent tips for learning a foreign language [3]. For those who missed it, I’m in the process of learning French for a full-year exchange to France beginning in the fall. I received over 40 responses in just a few hours, many of which anyone can read through the comments.

For the readers who are also interested in pursuing a new language, here were just a few of the good tips I received:


I think you may benefit from a site like this: http://www.interpals.net/index.php [4] You sign up, find the country of which you want to learn the native language and talk to people from that area. It’s a good way to submerse yourself within the language and perhaps meet some friends/penpals.


Here’s some ideas:

– I’ve found that grammar tends to come more or less automatically as you get exposed to the language. Learn and memorize the basics, but skip the more advanced stuff. Focus on vocabulary and comprehension instead.

– If you don’t have to write much, get the sounds right first. Worry about the spelling later.

– Books and podcasts. Lots of books and podcasts. It worked for my spanish. I’m talking genuine French novels, not grammar books. At first, read the first 10 pages. Then read the first 20, then the first 30, and so on. The most important part is repetition.


Learn 50 phrases and put your ego on the back shelf, if you have enough to get by and express a desire to learn as you talk to them- people will be more than happy to converse and teach you new words. Through immersion you’ll learn rather quickly, most importantly, you won’t sound like an audiobook or textbook.


A buddy of mine recommended a free computer program called “Before You Know It”. You can download it on http://www.byki.com/ [5]


Get a french girlfriend. “Lessons” will be much more tolerable, potentially even fun.

Thanks also to everyone else who posted tips!