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Exclusive Webcast: Chat with Ramit and Scott, Live

As I mentioned on Tuesday [1], today (Friday, November 6th) is the last day to sign up for the I Will Teach You to Be Rich bootcamp [2]. Anyone who signs up can forward me their receipt [3] and receive any ScottHYoung.com product of their choice, for free.

I didn’t want to mention it on Tuesday because the details weren’t finalized, but now I can confirm it. Ramit Sethi and I will be conducting a live webcast on personal automation, for anyone who signs up for the bootcamp.

Speak with Ramit and Scott Live

Ramit and I use different strategies for automation, so he will cover his methods of using assistants and outside systems to save him time and money, and I’ll talk about habit automation so the important behaviors of your life don’t require self-discipline.

This is the first webcast I’ve done for the website, which means for almost all of you, this will be the first chance to chat with me live. I enjoy getting emails, but I’m hoping that this will allow Ramit and I to interact in a more personal way with some of the readers here. I have no idea when I’ll be doing another one of these, so if you’ve wanted to ask me questions, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

However, as this offer is bundled with the bootcamp, it will expire Friday night. Sorry, I can’t make exceptions.

If you sign up for the bootcamp [2] today (or have already signed up) you can forward me your receipt [3] to get any ScottHYoung.com product of your choice for free (~$50 value). In addition, you will also be invited to an exclusive webcast where Ramit and I discuss personal automation strategies live and take your questions.