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How to Get More From Life – Free EBook

In the nearly four years I’ve been writing for this website, I’ve written close to 800 articles, 4 books and other bits and pieces. That’s a little under one million words of text if you add it all up.

Given the volume of ideas, spread over years of writing, one of my biggest challenges has been putting it all together. How do all these different ideas on wide ranging topics connect?

It’s hard for new readers, who often haven’t read the huge archives [1], to put everything together.

It’s also hard for experienced readers, because my strategy for life is constantly evolving. I may still believe, in bulk, the things I wrote about close to four years ago. But, if I wrote them again, they would probably take on a completely different flavor.

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My solution to this was to write a book that cohered my current thinking on all of the major themes covered in this blog. How to Get More From Life [2] is a 60+ page, full-color ebook that covers:

The book details the status of many of my different ideas in my life as of this moment. Such as: which habits I’m currently running, how this business is doing and what a self-proclaimed atheist feels is the meaning of life.

Best of all the book is completely free [2].

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the survey this weekend.

I was especially touched by the respones to question #6 (or how has this blog impacted your life). Dozens of stories from people who have changed their habits, become vegetarian, improved the way they learn and increased their productivity. Thanks for all the kind words.