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Friday Links

From the Web

Gary Vaynerchunk – Why Now is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion [1]: The best part is in the last minute when a reader asks Gary how to find time to do what you love.

Gary’s response: “You work your 9-5, go home, spend 2 hours with the family and then crush it from 7-2. Everyone has time, just stop watching fucking Lost.

From the Archives

The Goal of Learning Everything [2] – “Even learning a small fraction of everything can have huge benefits that ripple outwards towards every other area of life. Unfortunately, most people fall into a group I’ll call ‘functional’ learners, and severely cut off their potential.”

From the Shelf

The Mystery of Capital [3] – Why has capitalism created so much wealth in western countries, and even more problems outside it? This book proposes that the failure of capitalism outside the West is due to the lack of integrated property systems that keep the poor from participating in the global economy.

The Way of the Linguist [4] – Steve Kaufmann runs one of my favorite language learning blogs on the web, The Linguist. As much autobiography as how-to, Steve demystifies the process he’s used to learn nine different languages.