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Friday Links

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How an MIT postdoc writes 3 books, a PhD defense and 6+ peer-reviewed papers–and finishes by 5:30pm [1]

I’m guessing a few readers here will already know who this is. But, for the people who don’t, I strongly suggest checking the fantastic article above about fixed-schedule productivity. I was lucky enough to get  sneak peak of this strategy and include it in my book, Think Outside the Cubicle [2], so I’m happy for the recognition it’s starting to receive.

From the Archives

How to Teach Yourself Anything in Less Than Three Months [3] – “If you go about it correctly, you can teach yourself anything in just a few months. Poorly applied, however, self-education can be a stressful nightmare.”

Learning on Steroids: Update

Last week I announced my new rapid-learning training program, Learning on Steroids [4].

The response has been amazing. As I’ve already received dozens of emails asking about the program, I’d like to answer  few here:

  1. When? Early January. I want people to be able to make 2010 their year for rapid learning.
  2. Why Monthly? Because the focus is on implementing rapid-learning tactics, not just raw ideas. Yes, there will be plenty of new ideas too, but implementation takes time and practice. Imagine if you were training for jiu jitsu. You wouldn’t buy an ebook and expect deadly moves, for that you actually need to show up and train. I’d rather make a community filled with resources where people can practice their jiu-jitsu-learning skills.
  3. What Price? The program will be inexpensive, especially considering the amount of hands-on support you’ll be getting. Although some people would prefer me to be completely broke, I am keeping students in mind when setting the price.

There’s only one problem: As this is a new service, I have no idea how many learners I’ll be able to take on. So, seating is going to be incredibly limited for the first launch in January.

As of right now, I’m only going to be accepting 100 slots. Already, with only one announcement, there are close to 3x that many on the prelaunch list.

Of course, a lot of those people are just curious, and aren’t ready to join. But, even still, I wouldn’t be surprised if the service sold-out simply from people getting early-bird messages on the pre-launch list. So, if you’re interested in getting in for January, sign-up for the pre-launch list [5]. (Also, I’m going to give away cool bonuses only to people on that list)