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Learn Faster, Achieve More

Everybody wants something different. That’s part of the challenge in writing. I certainly don’t try to please everyone, but even within my own desire to share new ideas, I find myself being pulled in different directions.

Some readers visit here just for the food for thought from a learning-hacking, online-business-owning twentysomething. Other people actually want to know how I (and people like me) do it.

With that said, I’m starting an email newsletter, Learn Faster, Achieve More [1].

Why Join the Newsletter?

The goal of the newsletter is to provide more detailed, highly practical advice. About twice per month I’ll be sending out emails with ways you can learn faster and be more productive. Content I won’t be publishing on the blog.

I’ll also be using the newsletter to share more info about the courses I run and books I’m writing.

I’ll keep writing for the blog, and I hope to use it to propose interesting discussions and answer the bigger questions of “Why?” as opposed to “How?”

Learn Faster, Achieve More

The newsletter is completely free, I’ll never share your email address and unsubscribing is easy. (I hate spam too)

You can click here [1] if you’d like to join, I’m giving a free rapid learning ebook to anyone who signs up. The first emails will go out Thursday.