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How to Learn Really Hard Courses

Some of the newer readers might not be aware that I’ve been keeping a semi-weekly video blog [1] for the MIT Challenge. Along with providing more detailed updates of my progress, I also try to share the methods I’m using to learn faster, not procrastinate and stay motivated.

Here are just a few of the recent updates:

Why You Don’t Need a Perfect Memory (and What Matters Instead)

My most recent update, I explain why most students mistakenly focus on memory as being the most critical component and neglect two other skills which matter far more.

How to Learn Really Hard Courses

My first read through of 6.013 (an advanced electrical engineering class) was painful–I felt like I didn’t understand anything! Normally I can usually get the gist of an idea in the first read-through, but this class seemed way too hard. Here I share the method I used to manage to learn the material within the tight deadline enough to pass the exam, even though the class seemed impossibly hard at first.

How to Build Good Studying Habits

Procrastinating too much? Wish you had the motivation and focus without the stress? Here I give a breakdown of the method I use to build good studying habits, and why it works.

These are just a few of the recent videos. The MIT Challenge YouTube channel has 25+ videos [2] sharing my progress at the challenge, success strategies and even my failures [3]. Visit the channel page to check them out [2].