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One Week Left in the MIT Challenge

It’s the final week of the MIT Challenge. As of right now I have one more exam to write (I’ve already finished the preparation) and one more programming project, the last of six for computer graphics.

Practically, I feel the knowledge I’ve gained will serve me well as an entrepreneur. While programming knowledge certainly isn’t a prerequisite for building companies, I personally like to quickly experiment with prototypes, which becomes much easier when you can build them yourself. Deepening my programming knowledge is something I’d like to continue for the years ahead.

Intellectually the challenge has also opened me to many areas of science and mathematics. Artificial intelligence was my favorite topic throughout the program, and an area that relies on the extensive mathematical and theoretical foundations MIT teaches. I’m hoping to continue taking free classes on this subject and hopefully that knowledge will filter down to the projects I choose to pursue.

An even bigger motivation for the challenge, however, was to share it here. Getting your emails, from people motivated to pursue their own self-education projects has made the entire effort worthwhile. So, as I enter the last seven days of this yearlong adventure, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been encouraging me from along the way.