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Paris Meetup and Upcoming Bootcamp

Paris Meetup

I’m having a meet-up in Paris, probably during the evening sometime next week. I’ve done a few meet-ups before, in San Francisco, Vancouver and previously in Paris. I prefer to set up the details with possible attendees directly, so if you live near the Paris area and want to meet myself and some like-minded readers, give me an email [1].

Learn Faster Bootcamp

I’m going to be reopening Learning on Steroids for the first time in over a year. Because I hate doing long salesy email campaigns, I’d rather just give out a free sample of the course. Starting October 24th, I’m going to be reopening running a free, 7-day Learn Faster bootcamp, with the aim of teaching you some of the best learning and productivity tactics I’ve learned during the MIT Challenge.

If you want in, just sign up for my newsletter [2] (it’s free).